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EUVIP Venue: Lisbon Oceanarium

The Underwater World

The Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums and is widely recognised as the best and largest aquarium in Europe. The Oceanário was the centerpiece of the XXth Century’s last World Fair in 1998, themed “The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future”, and eternally binds Lisbon to the Oceans.

With over one million visitors per year, the oceanarium is a deep-sea diving experience without any of the risks, with about 25,000 fish, seabirds, and mammals in an enormous central tank that is the size of four Olympic-sized swimming pools.

But it’s the design rather than the size that makes the oceanarium outstanding, it is the first ever aquarium to include ocean habitats within a single environment, with impressive recreations of various ocean ecosystems including the Tropical Indian, the Temperate Pacific, Antarctic and North Atlantic.

Across these different habitats, you will find animals like red scorpionfish, Antarctic sea otters and penguins, striped catsharks and colorful, tropical birds. Visitors can look into it from different levels for close-ups of the various creatures, including different species of sharks.

The Oceanarium also supports multiple scientific research projects, most of which focused on conservation of biodiversity and a sustainable use of the oceans. A savvy team of phenomenal biologists and engineers also ensures the exhibits display state of the art technology, as well as unsurpassed animal welfare.

For more info visit the Ocenarium website (available in english):

Additional information about the location of the Oceanarium and instructions for getting there will be available here.

– Doca dos Olivais, Parque das Nações
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Sights Nearby

A lot to discover!

Oriente Station

A stunning modern station. One of the most stunning modern sights in Lisbon is Oriente Station. It was built by master architect Santiago Calatrava with a roof of glass and steel made to look like a row of trees. It houses a train station, a subway, and a bus terminal.

Portugal Pavilion

A gravity-defying structure. The Portugal Pavilion is a striking building designed by Portugal’s Pritzker Award-winning architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. Its remarkable sagging concrete roof weighing 1,400 tonnes and measuring 50 by 67 meters (167 by 223 ft) is an instant attention-grabber, undulating like a sailcloth, keeping the maritime theme of most of the district’s architecture.

Atlantic Pavilion

An UFO-Like Arena. Shaped like an upturned ship, the Atlantic Pavilion is officially Portugal’s largest indoor arena, with a capacity for over 15,000 spectators. It is the venue for major visiting bands and artists, and has hosted international events such as the Tennis Masters championships, the World Indoor Athletics Championship, the MTV Europe Music Awards, and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Vasco da Gama Tower

Lisbon’s Tallest Building. From the Ocenarium, a cable car takes visitors to the futuristic Vasco da Gama Tower. It is named after one of Portugal’s greatest explorers and was opened in 1998, on the 500th anniversary of his voyage to India. Its shape evokes a nautical sail, and standing at 145m/575ft high, it is Lisbon’s tallest building.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

European Union’s longest bridge. Vasco da Gama Bridge is 17km (11 miles) long, making it the longest bridge in Europe when it opened in 1998 and still today one of the longest in the world. This bridge is a superb feat of engineering, made up of several sections supported by pillars; its length forced engineers to factor in the curvature of the Earth during its construction.

Science and Knowledge Museum

An interactive experience. This museum entitled, Pavilhão do Conhecimento has highly educational exhibits with cutting-edge technology and multimedia. There are fun interactive displays and simulations, explaining the use of technology in everyday life. Many of the world’s major scientific institutes contribute to thematic exhibitions, making this a rewarding experience for both adults and children.

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center

With water flowing over the glass roof, this is the most attractive Lisbon mall. It’s especially popular on weekends when families go to the Oceanário and nearby attractions. Another attractions is the multiplex cinema, the huge Continente hypermarket and other popular stores such as FNAC for books and music, and a large Zara for men and women’s fashions. In total there are over 150 shops plus a food court, as well as a pleasant deck on the upper floor overlooking the river.